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Messes in the Kitchen

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I wish I had more pictures like these.

Trust me– there have been countless more messes like this one in my 11 years of motherhood–but my perfectionism and (I admit) short tempter has stood in the way of my reactions to these little blunders most of the time. This picture is a symbol of my messy progress.

Yesterday, while preparing an after-school snack for my kids, I turned my back for just a second, and this crashed happened. Instead of yelling, I miraculously mustered the ability to take a deep breath, look away for half a second, and then snap a picture. It really is quite hilarious when you step back and look at it. Sure, there’s a mess of broken glass, blueberry smoothie, and soggy Cheerios all over the floor, but how is the baby covered in smoothie as well?

“I wanted to… you know…”

Watching this again, I can’t believe my kids are humming and peacefully doing homework in the background. Normally, I would be shouting at them to “get over here and help me pick up this mess” because “I’m not your slave, you know!” My daughter in the video was actually headed out the door when the crash happened. When she came back minutes later she was surprised to see us cleaning up such a huge mess. She said she heard a crash while she was walking out the door, but didn’t think it was as big of a mess, because she “didn’t hear me yelling afterwards.” (That girl knows me better than my own mother…)

The reason I am writing this has two purposes: 1) To encourage you to never assume that my life is as tidy as the food photos I shoot for my recipes, and 2) To assure you that you are not the only Momma out there struggling to do your best. Working in the ‘trenches’ of meal preparation, mountains of messes, and the monotony of motherhood can be a physical and emotional stretching of ourselves. It can be exhausting and frustrating to work so hard and receive little to no positive feedback in return. But. Take heart. The payoff is coming.

The payoff comes when your son fist pumps the air when they smell their favorite dinner cooking in the kitchen. The payoff comes when the kids can make their own meals–and they taste good! The payoff comes in the peaceful assurance that this home is a safe, happy, and inviting place.

Carry on, my friend.

Since 2009, Megan has used her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from Brigham Young University to help people develop healthy food relationships. She combines evidence-based science, a dash of alternative medicine, and a large dose of practical food preparation to teach individuals how to feed themselves and their families nourishing meals with common ingredients. As a busy Mom of 5, she believes food should be simple, intentional, and HEARTY!

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