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Chopping Vegetables Faster (My BEST Kitchen Hack)

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Sometimes, eating plant-based food means spending LOTS of time chopping. Most of my recipes start with “chop, chop, chop…” Meal prep gets too long when there’s so much chopping involved. Who has time for all that?

Two years ago, my sister-in-law brought this beauty up to a family reunion at the cabin. I watched her chop onions, tomatoes, and broccoli so fast that I got a bit jealous. So did all the other family members, and soon every one was using her chopper. As soon as I returned home, I ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a “Vidalia Chop Wizard.”


This is my favorite kitchen tool. I use it EVERY day.  My cute husband even likes to chop with it! Now I can make salsa, eggs, stir-fry, salads, and more in much less time. This busy Momma’s life is so much easier with my Chop Wizard! We have gifted dozens of these as wedding, bridal shower, and house-warming gifts and they are always received so well.

P.S. No one is paying me to say this. I just think you all need to know my not-so-best-kept-secret in the kitchen.

Happy Chopping!

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