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Mom-Life Hack #1: Showering with a toddler in tow

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To shower and get dressed each day is a form of self care that is really important for my mental health. That might sound silly to some, but I know plenty of moms out there who are nodding their heads at me right now. My main hold up is a busy 14-month-old boy who keeps getting into trouble every time I hop in the shower.

For the last week I have discovered the most GENIUS life hack that I have to share with you. My husband dumped our 200-count ball pit balls into the tub and placed our cute baby inside. He happily throws the balls all over while I happily get ready for the day. It’s a win-win. I tried a similar tactic with various toys, but it wasn’t the same result. It takes a lot longer to throw 200 balls out of a table then it does to throw the five random toys I tried to give him before. I’m always ready for the day before all 200 or out. He has a great time helping me throw them back in the tub when we’re all done. And frankly, this is a mess I would much rather clean up then the one he made on the previous picture.

There you go! My best #momlife hack of the week!

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