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What’s For Dinner This Week?

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Man alive! Last week turned out to be totally nuts! I was looking forward to a slow week to enjoy some seasonal activities with the kids. Instead, our furnace was condemned and my oven randomly surged power and went out on me. That was fun! It all ended well with a new furnace, two new AC units and a fairly easy repair to the oven. Santa Claus may not be bringing as many toys as he originally planned for Christmas this year, but the Andersen will be warm and well-fed this winter. At the end of the day, what more could you really ask for? However, I am sure hoping this week is a little smoother… Here is what’s on tap for dinners this week:

Monday, December 10

Tuesday, December 11

Wednesday, December 12

Thursday, December 13

Friday, December 14

Saturday, December 15

Sunday, December 16

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