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What’s for Dinner this Week?

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Autumn has offiially arrived along the Wasatch Front. Not only have the leaves turned colors, but a cold rain has brought chilly temperatures to our valley and snow to the mountains. It smells almost as amazing outside as it does in my kitchen, with all the baking I’ve been doing. The forecast calls for more rain this week, so it’s time to pull out more soup and casserole recipes. Also, we are blessing our baby in Church on Sunday, and I will be feeding our extended family a big supper afterwards. If I pace myself by doing food prep throughout the week and freezing it for Sunday, I can totally handle that meal. Here’s what I’m cooking up this week:

Monday, October 8

Hearty Mashed Potatoes with Vegetable Gravy

Tuesday, October 9

Mexican Quinoa Bake

Wednesday, October 10

Megan’s Minestrone

Thursday, October 11

Hearty Not Fried Rice

Mandarin Chicken Kale Salad

Friday, October 12

Pizza Night!

Grilled Vegetables

Saturday, October 13

Hearty Breakfast Bagels

Green Apple Smoothie

Sunday, October 14

Café Rio Sweet Chicken Salads

with Tomatillo Ranch Dressing

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