About Megan

Greetings from Utah! I’m Megan. With a degree in Dietetics from Brigham Young University and a passion for helping people have healthy food relationships, I consider myself a nutritional ally. I combine evidence-based science, a dash of alternative medicine, and a large dose of practical food preparation to teach individuals how to feed themselves and their families nourishing meals with common ingredients. That being said, a lot of how I feel about food comes from my belief in God as the Creator of all things—particularly food. I believe we, as His children, should eat the food He has provided us in its most natural form. I am a busy mother to five young children, so healthy eating is also no-nonsense at our house. Meals have to be planned, fresh, and FAST in order to keep up with our busy lifestyle.

In my leisure, I enjoy bike riding, jogging, dabbling in music composition, and game nights with friends. Most of my time in the summer is spent pulling weeds out of my garden as I jam out to show tunes or Disney music. During the school year, I am busy with carpools, piano practice, kid’s sports, and homework, and I volunteer in our church’s self-reliance program.

I’m so happy to have you, and I hope you find the recipes and articles here helpful and relevent in your life.