About Megan

Greetings from Utah! I’m Megan. With a degree in Dietetics from Brigham Young University, I know a little something about putting together well-rounded meals for my family. I am a busy mother to five young children, so healthy eating is no-nonsense at our house. Meals have to be planned, fresh, and FAST in order to keep up with our busy lifestyle.

I enjoy singing, volleyball, bike riding, hiking in the mountains, paddle boarding, dabbling in music composition, and game nights with friends. Most of my time in the summer is spent pulling weeds out of my garden as I jam out to show tunes or Disney music. During the school year, I am busy with carpools, piano practice, teaching musical theater, kid’s sports, and homework, and I volunteer in my Church’s self-reliance program.

I am so happy we have found each other! I hope you find the recipes and articles here helpful.