About me

Greetings from Utah! I’m Megan. With a degree in Dietetics from Brigham Young University and a passion for helping people have healthy food relationships, I consider myself a nutritional ally. I combine evidence-based science, a dash of alternative medicine, and a large dose of practical food preparation to teach friends how to feed themselves and their families nourishing meals with common ingredients. That being said, a lot of how I feel about food comes from my belief in God as the Creator of all things—particularly food. I believe we, as His children, should eat the food He has provided us in its most natural form. I am a busy mother of four young children, so healthy eating is also no-nonsense at our house. Meals have to be planned, fresh, and FAST in order to keep up with our busy lifestyle.

In my leisure, I enjoy bike riding, jogging, dabbling in music composition, and game nights with friends. Most of my time in the summer is spent pulling weeds out of my garden and flower beds. I entice the kids to help me by singing along to Pandora’s Disneyland channel—because it makes work seem like a game. During the school year, I am busy with carpools, piano practice, and homework. I volunteer in our church’s Primary program, and I direct a neighborhood children’s choir called the “Musical Minions”.