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Freezing Rotisserie Chicken

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Have you ever compared the price of a raw fryer chicken versus a fully cooked, ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken? For some reason, the rotisserie is always a fraction of a price of the raw chicken. I like to get my rotisserie chickens at Costco where they cost about $5. Sometimes, I just get them at my local grocery store, but they cost about $2 more, and the chickens are a bit smaller.

Rotisserie chicken on a warmer

By the time I get the chicken home, it is cool enough to handle. I get to work with a paring knife and my fingers to peel all the skin off the meat.

rotisserie chicken

Once I have pulled all the meat off the bones, I divide the chicken into 7-8 sandwich bags for freezing. It is so handy to have a bag of cooked chicken ready to be tossed in whatever skillet, soup, casserole or salad needs flavoring and a boost of protein.  Not only does it save more money than buying packaged cooked chicken, but it is healthier, too!

frozen cooked chicken

Happy Cooking!

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